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iā€™m holly - the florist behind pollent

POLLENET was born from a love of weird and wonderful floral design in early 2019. Founded by me - Holly Clemett - Pollenet explores the art of flower arranging, specialising in creative floral design and styling.

My aim is to create aesthetically stimulating and stunning designs that are captivating and representative of nature, flowers and plants in their most interesting and beautiful form. Pollenet creations steer clear from traditional floristry techniques of contrived shapes and predictable colour palettes. Influenced by contemporary design, fashion and surrealism, I pride myself on turning any client request into a completely unique, beautiful and bespoke Pollenet arrangement.


Pollenet arrangements - endorsed by Wonderland Magazine, Women Who, The Green Gallery and more - are intended to be seen, questioned and admired; often creating designs that are dreamlike and inspiring reactions of admiration and intrigue.